Nonprofit and Church Administration

Proper church administration is in today's church is important and essential! Make sure you know all the specific issues that surround the operation of churches and nonprofits.

Church Administration Topics

Administrators must be aware of the special circumstances that govern nonprofit organizations unique tax standing such as exempt from paying income taxes and being eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Even though churches are exempt for filing a Form 990, nonprofit organizations and ministries are not.  Those nonprofit organizations and ministries whose annual receipts are $50,000 or less Form are eligible to file the shorter, simpler, electronic Form 990-N. See details below.

Learn how to create a budget, setting up accountable reimbursement policies, important internal controls you should have in place, and much more in the links below. 

Uniqueness of Church Administration...

Is your church or organization exempt from paying income taxes and eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions? Read more...

Tax Exempt Status

Check your state exemption labor and tax laws!

Do not assume just because your church or nonprofit organization is exempt on a federal level that it will be exempt on a state level...

State Exemption Laws

A Spreadsheet Package specifically designed for churches and nonprofits. Includes a contribution tracker, multiple fund accounting workbook, mileage log, etc.

Spreadsheet Package

Creating a church budget can be challenging. See 7 budget tips and an example of a church budget...

Church Budget

Are you keeping your church or nonprofit safe? See measures your church administration can put in place to safeguard assets from waste, fraud, and inefficient use...

Internal Controls

Learn procedures for internal and external audits, documents you need to have ready, and what qualifications an individual from your organization should have to perform an internal audit  ...

Church Audits

Church Accounting Package

A set of 4 ebooks that covers the following topics...

  • Fund Accounting Examples and Explanations
  • Setting up a fund accounting system
  • Donation management
  • Minister compensation and taxes
  • Internal controls and staff reimbursements
  • Much more - Click here for details

Could unintentional excessive benefits harm your Pastor and Church ...

Excessive Benefits and Private Inurement

Church embezzlement is on the rise. Setting up and establishing some internal controls is more important now than it has ever been before. Learn some debit and credit card procedures you can put in place ...

Church Embezzlement

Bookkeeper errors can give you inaccurate data and end up costing your church or nonprofit organization thousands of dollars to "clean up". See tips to spot those errors and correct them... 

Bookkeeper Errors

The greatest advantage of having a benevolence fund program properly set up is to ensure contributions to that plan will be considered tax-deductible and comply with IRS regulations...

Benevolence Fund Guidelines

Staff gifts are nice and most organizations give their staff a gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving. However...before you write that check or buy that turkey there are some facts regarding the tax consequences of those gifts you should know...

Staff Gifts

How to set up and administer a proper accountable reimbursement policy ...

Accountable Reimbursement Policy

There are 3 requirements for an effective and "legal" accountable reimbursement plan ...

Accountable Reimbursement Plan Requirements

Every church and nonprofit should have a written accounting policy manual.

It will save you future problems down the road and serve as a valuable reference guide for your organization. See how to create one...

Creating an Accounting Policy Manual

Need help setting up an effective accounting system!

Overwhelmed with the accounting part of your ministry?

Have a high turnover of individuals keeping the books?

Hiring a full time in-house bookkeeper not affordable or even a possibility at this time?

Let us take care of your books! 

We can also set up an accounting system and train you how to use!

Do you know how long you should keep contribution records? How about past employee records? See this page for recommendations of how long to keep important documents ...

Records Retention Schedule

You will need 8 pieces of information to file a 990-N also known as the e-Postcard. See what they are and if you are required to file this form ...

Form 990-N Requirement

You will find a lot of these downloads scattered among my site. For your convenience, I have put all of them on one page along with other free offers I come across and think may be helpful...


If you want to DIY your payroll, I highly recommend you look at using Gusto! It is very user friendly and their support is awesome! Plus they know how to set up and maintain payrolls for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Note: I am a "partner" of Gusto, but as I have told you before ... I never recommend anything that we or our clients have not tried and love =)

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