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This site and the topics covered (see below) will help you take out the mystery and bust the myths of Church accounting and nonprofit accounting. The materials are based on accounting best practices, facts and federal tax codes that are specific to small churches and nonprofit organizations.

Two things many small churches and nonprofits have in common is volunteer help and frequent turnovers. So it is so important to have an accounting system set up that is simple to learn and use!

Aplos was designed by a CPA/Executive Pastor so each section of the software was made with a non-accountant in mind so it’s simple to manage you organization’s accounting even if you don’t have any accounting experience!

 See my review on the user-friendly fund accounting software: Aplos

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Topics Covered on this Site:

This site is a great place to start for those with little or no accounting knowledge and for those with experience who may want a refresher as finance laws continue to change.

Whatever experience you have, the congregation expects the treasurer to "take care" of the finances of the church. But many churches are not aware of the complex finance issues, what actions need to occur to be compliant and documentation needed to lessen liability for the church and protect its’ congregation, pastor and staff.  

Need help setting up an effective accounting system!

Overwhelmed with the accounting part of your ministry?

Have a high turnover of individuals keeping the books?

Hiring a full time in-house bookkeeper not affordable or even a possibility at this time?

Let us take care of your books! 

We can also set up an accounting system and train you how to use!

Built From Real Experience:

Many years ago to assist our church's secretary, I created easy to use accounting workbooks and spreadsheets. She loved them and told several other church secretaries and treasurers about them. They got hold of me and asked if they could use them for their churches. They also wanted additional pointers on setting up a good accounting system and other church accounting issues.

Even with a seasoned accounting and nonprofit accounting was different from commercial accounting and sadly there wasn't much on the internet about the basics of church accounting at that time. And this site was born. It gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge of church and nonprofit accounting, resources, tools and my accounting spreadsheets as well. Who would have ever imagined this site would expand to include a 1500 pages, reader posts and comments!

This soft cover book covers a vast area of church and minister tax issues such as:

  • Policy and Procedure Guidelines
  • Internal Controls
  • Building a Chart of Accounts for a Church
  • Receiving and Recording Contributions
  • Church Payroll
  • Ministers and the IRS
  • Church By-Laws

Read more or purchase here.

Free Accounting Software:

Free Nonprofit and Church Accounting Spreadsheets

The nonprofit accounting spreadsheets offered free on this site are easy to use and work well for small or start up churches or nonprofits. However, please be aware that they are they are a single entry bookkeeping system (see the difference between single and double entry systems), they cannot track your assets and liabilities and cannot generate a balance sheet. A Balance Sheet has to be created separately using a template like the one found at the bottom of this page: Balance Sheet Example

If you have a large chart of accounts, need to track assets and liabilities, have multiple funds to track, please consider using a full bodied double entry accounting system built especially for churches such as Aplos. See my Aplos review!

In the past, there was a requirement in place to sign up for this site's free newsletter, so you could be notified of any errors or updates to the accounting workbooks. That is not the case now and there is a direct link to download the free accounting spreadsheets on this page:

Free Accounting Spreadsheets

Highly Recommended Resource:

Free Webinars!

November 16 @ 10am PST

Year-End Accounting Closing Procedures for Churches and Nonprofits: In this webinar, Aplos will go over accounting, bookkeeping, and overall back-office tasks that every church and nonprofit should accomplish at the end of the calendar year. 

– Year-End Reminders: Housing Allowance, W-4s, Notice to Donors, Christmas Gifts 
– Year-End Transactions: Donations, Reimbursements, Payroll
– Accounts Review: Annual Reports, Bank Account Balances, Fund Balances, Internal Controls for Next Year, Budget Preparation
– Tax Forms: Review W-4 Forms, IRS Form 1099 for Vendors, Contribution Statements

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November 30 @ 10am PST

Advanced Tips on Budgeting for Your Nonprofit

Jeff Burgman, Our CFO (Chief Financial Officer), has been a faithful Excel user since the dawn of Microsoft and will be taking time away from his busy day of numbers and spreadsheets to give a detailed lesson on creating a budget for your organization. 


• Tips and tricks for creating a meaningful budget
• How to update the budget as circumstances change during the year (sometimes called a rolling forecast)
• How to report on variances to budget.

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