Church Accounting Package

Church Accounting Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don't know where to start to get your nonprofit or church's accounting in order?

In this day and age ... having your accounting set up properly and being IRS compliant is essential.

The Church Accounting Package will help you do just that!

The Combo and Church Accounting Packages are 

Digital Download files!

If you would rather have a paperback book that covers some of these Church Accounting subjects, please see the Church Accounting: How To Guide.

What you get with the Church Accounting Package

  • Assurance your minister's compensation is set up correctly
  • Knowledge on  handling contributions such as used cars and other non cash contributions.
  • A guide on measures you should put into place to safeguard your assets
  • Instruction on setting up an accountable reimbursement policy
  • Example of common journal entries ... including payroll JEs
  • Fund accounting basics

See more details below!

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 Includes both the Church Accounting Package and the Spreadsheet Package!

Included in this package are all 4 ebooks listed below and the 6 accounting workbooks plus 1 Word document included in the Spreadsheet Package

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List of eBooks included in the Church Accounting Package

Basic Church Accounting

The 51 page "Basic Fund Accounting" eBook includes:

  • Explanations and Examples of Nonprofit/Church Financial Statements;
  • Explanations and Examples of a Church Chart of Accounts;
  • Exactly what a ”Fund” is and what it is Not;
  • Examples of common accounting journal entries;
  • Examples of payroll accounting journal entries;
  • plus much more

*You can purchase this eBook by itself for only $9.95 

Fund Accounting

The 47 page eBook "Creating a Proper Fund Accounting System" includes:

  • Tips on getting started such as getting an EIN and opening a checking account
  • Choosing the best fund accounting software for your particular organization
  • Choosing your accounting methods
  • Tips on setting up your fund accounting system
  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts
  • Measures required to safeguard assets from waste, fraud, and inefficient use
  • How to set up internal cash controls 
  • Difference is between an internal and external audit
  • Why you may not need an audit 
  • Internal checklist you can print and use
  • plus much more

*You can purchase this eBook by itself for only $9.95 

I am a high school business teacher and have been approached by a church secretary to help her with a few accounting issues that she is having at her church.

I teach beginning and advance accounting and realized that double entry accounting is quite different from church accounting.

I purchased your book and downloaded your spreadsheets. They are wonderful and accurate reading from the accounting point of view.
                                                                 - W.SPLEEN

The 37 page eBook"Handling Donations" includes:

  • Guidelines for handling church offerings
  • Receipts for contributions
  • IRS mandates for contributions collected at church events 
  • Handling non-cash contributions
  • Love Offerings
  • Quid Pro Quo Contributions
  • Examples of cash and non-cash and quid pro quo contribution receipts
  • plus much more

*You can purchase this eBook by itself for only $9.95 

The 43 page eBook"Minister Compensation and Taxes" includes:

  • Determining who is a minister for tax purposes
  • Special tax treatment for ministers
  • Paying Social Security and Medicare taxes under the SECA system
  • Opting out of social security
  • Misclassification of ministers
  • What exactly a clergy housing allowance is and what it is not.
  • What the qualifications are.
  • What your church must do to designate a housing allowance.
  • What types of expense are eligible and what are not.
  • What the limitations are on a housing allowance.
  • How to determine fair market value.
  • Taxes on a Parsonage
  • What is the Deason Rule?
  • Housing Allowance for Evangelists


  • What an accountable reimbursement plan or policy is
  • How to set up one up
  • Examples of resolution to set one up
  • Examples of what to include in the plan 
  • Examples what not to include
  • How to properly administer plan

Setting up an accountable reimbursement policy is CRUCIAL now with the new tax laws eliminating the ability of your minister and employees to claim those "business" expenses on their taxes!

*You can purchase this eBook by itself for only $9.95 

Very well written. Lots of important information needed with today's changes in rules and laws.

Would highly recommend to others in church administrations.

                                               - B Holland

Included in this package are all 4 ebooks listed above.  Together they are packed full of information you need to set up an effective accounting system, insure you have the right internal controls, acknowledge and handle contributions, compensate your minister correctly, set up accountable reimbursements, and much more!

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Would Highly Recommend. Took the mystery out of Church Accounting for me ...more...

Excellent Book! I highly recommend these books. They are a necessity, WRITTEN IN PLAIN ENGLISH!
Errol James

Real Eye Opener. Not knowing a thing about church finances, this was a real eye opener and a great way to get us started ...more...

Very Helpful and Detailed I would recommend these books to everyone, I am from Canada and would also recommend it to all of the Canadian people involved in the Finance part of the church. Very helpful and detailed. A must get!! ...more...

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