Donation Guidelines Package

Donation Guidelines Package

Explore donation guidelines that assist in tracking, documenting, and acknowledging both monetary and non-monetary contributions!

Proper handling of donations is crucial for small churches and nonprofits. It ensures transparency, accountability, compliance with legal and tax requirements, and fosters good stewardship and organizational culture. Proper management also builds trust with donors, boosts donations, and enhances the organization's reputation

Donation Guidelines Package

Donation Guidelines Package

Included in this package are all 4 ebooks listed below and the customizable Contribution Statements and Count Sheet found in the Spreadsheet Package

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Individual eBooks in the Donation Guidelines Series:


Book 1 in the Donation Guidelines series:

Policy and Procedures

Discover the proper procedures for managing offering envelopes, processing donation checks, tallying contributions, and more. Additionally, explore some policies and protocols that can be implemented to protect donations effectively. Also includes how to handle predated, postdated, and errors on contribution checks and how to record contributions with a couple.

This 24 page ebook covers the following topics:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Offering Envelopes
  • Handling Donation Checks
  • Depositing Donations 
  • Recording Contributions



Book 2 in the Donation Guidelines series:

Cash & Unique Contributions

Explore the guidelines and criteria for issuing charitable contribution receipts.

Also, find out how to manage special donations like free or discounted rent or services, love offerings, and gifts to other organizations.

This guide includes a sample of an annual contribution statement.

This 19 page ebook covers the following topics:

  • Receipt Guidelines
  • Annual Contribution Statement Example
  • Issuing Contribution Receipts
  • Unique Donations: Donations To Another Charity
  • Donated Labor/Services
  • Discounts and Free Rent


Very well written. Lots of important information needed with today's changes in rules and laws.

Answered a lot of questions I had regarding donations.

Would highly recommend to others in church administrations.

                                                                                       -B Holland

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Book 3 in the Donation Guidelines series:

Noncash Donations

Find out what a CWA is and why every noncash donation exceeding $250 requires one. Explore the procedures for handling donations of vehicles, boats, and planes. Learn about the requirements for noncash contributions over $500 and over $5000.

This 25 page ebook covers the following topics:

  • NonCash Contribution Guidelines
  • Noncash Donation CWA Example
  • Noncash Donations Valued Over $500
  • Noncash Donations Valued Over $5,000
  • Church Reporting for Noncash Donation Over $5,000
  • Autos, Boats, and Airplanes



Book 4 in the Donation Guidelines series:

Stock & More Unique Donations

Discover the guidelines for accurately receipting a stock donation. Additionally, understand the process of receipting a donation involving goods or services exchange. Delve into how to handle raffles and games of chance donations. Lastly, gain insight on managing donor-advised fund (DAF) grants.

This 25 page ebook covers the following topics:

  • Stock Donation Guidelines
  • Stock Donation Receipt Example
  • Quid Pro Quo Donations
  • Quid Pro Quo Donation Receipt Example
  • Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) Contributions
  • DAF Thank You Letter Example


Collection Count Sheet

Bonus in the Donation Guidelines series:

Collection Count Sheet

A customizable worksheet used for a collection/offering count. It has fields to enter checks and cash received. It also has fields for up to 3 signatures.

This form is ready to use. Simply click on the "Name" cell and type in your organization's name.


Contribution Statements

Bonus in the Donation Guidelines series:

Contribution Statements

This Word document has 3 examples of giving receipts for cash, noncash, and fundraiser donations. 

The Customizable Contribution Statements includes: Annual Cash Contribution Statement, Noncash Contribution Receipt, and Quid Pro Quo Contribution Receipt


More Testimonies:

"Great help - doing a bible college business plan and this site and books were a great help"

                                                                              Charmaine from Boksburg

"This E-book helped reassure me that I am on the right track in regards to the spreadsheets that I had already set up for our church prior to finding your site. Also, I am sure that as our church grows the book will be even more helpful in guiding me in various areas.

Thank you....and God Bless!"

                                                                                 -Deb from OK

"Great. Useful! I don't work for a church, but I do work for a nonprofit and this book easily translates for use in other fund accounting atmospheres."

-Rob from New Market, TN

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