Aplos Church Software Review

Here’s why I use Aplos for church accounting and giving, and why I recommend it to my church bookkeeping clients.

As a fund accountant for a nonprofit for over 12 years, and owner of my own bookkeeping business that specializes in bookkeeping and consulting services for churches and small nonprofits, I know that solid church accounting software is essential. 

If you are looking for a church accounting software, check it out to see if this fund accounting software may work for your organization.

Aplos Software

Simple and Easy To Use Because it is Made for Churches

Two things many small churches and nonprofits have in common is volunteer help and frequent turnover, so it is imperative to have an accounting system set up that is simple to learn and use! Even if you have paid staff who have been with you forever, simple and efficient is the key when it comes to your accounting.

Aplos was designed by a CPA/Executive Pastor, and each section of the software was made with a non-accountant in mind. This makes it simple to manage your organization’s accounting, even if you don’t have any accounting experience! 

Aplos will also help you simplify your day-to-day tasks, including online donations and tracking giving. It is easy to enter donations in Aplos, AND it can be rolled right into your accounting, so you’ll no longer have to put those donations in twice! Since Aplos is a complete platform, you get accounting software, along with donation tracking, online giving, communication tools, and your people database in one place.

Aplos is a web-based software, so it is simple to get started. A web-based software also gives you the ease of working on any device and sharing remote access with other team members.

A Church-Specific Alternative To Quickbooks

If you try to set up something resembling fund accounting in QuickBooks, you’ll soon conclude that you have to do a lot of workarounds to get what you need.

Aplos was built by a CPA and Executive Pastor, so they understand churches have unique accounting needs and know the value of true fund accounting. Aplos Software makes it simple to track your designated funds, like your missions or building fund. You can easily create annual giving statements all within the system. Learn how Aplos is a better fit for your church with the provided resource below.

Live Support

There is an entire library of training and support materials by the experienced Aplos team that will walk you through the software, answer your questions, and even show you some additional features and functions that can help your organization. Plus, you can always phone, email, or send a message for one-on-one assistance, and all support is free for customers!

Features that you can find in Aplos

True Fund Accounting

Easily track designated funds (such as your missions or building fund), create your church financials, generate church financial statements, and use account segments and tag filters for granular reporting.

Know your people and create contact lists for meaningful email communication. Aplos includes a group portal, event registration, website builder, and a check-in feature.

Online Giving And Giving Statements

Create unlimited mobile-friendly giving forms (no website or coding required), or put a recurring giving widget on your website. The optional Text to Give feature lets people give through text messaging from their mobile phones.

Robust Financial Reporting

Get clear and actionable finance management with financial reports that you can easily customize, segment, filter, and share. Whether you want to see fund balances, budget to actuals, or transaction details, you will have the data you need to ensure you are maintaining your financial goals.

Easy To Enter And Maintain Data

Most users can set up Aplos and begin working in the software the same day. It’s easy to navigate and enter the data you need on a daily basis, while still having intuitive access to what you might not use as often.

Integrated Payroll

Aplos partners with Gusto to easily process pastoral payroll, housing allowances, and make tax payments. The integration will automatically track each pay run in your accounting, which improves the accuracy of your records and saves you time.

Unfamiliar with Aplos?

Let us take care of your books!

Signs You May Be Ready To Bring In An Outside Bookkeeper

  1. Need help setting up an effective accounting system: Professional advice as you get started can help you get the financial reports you need. 
  2. Overwhelmed / behind on the accounting behind your ministry: It may be time to free up your time so you can focus on your mission.
  3. Hiring a full-time bookkeeper is not affordable: Working with an outsourced professional that doesn’t require oversight or training can free up significant time.
  4. High turn-over of bookkeeping staff members: Good help is hard to find! It’s important to have consistency so you keep your records up to date.

What people are saying about Aplos...

 APLOS software is terrific!!  We've been using it for about 2 - 2 1/2 years and being the non accounting person that I am have had great success and some of the best  customer service. 

They are growing and adding new features all the time while keeping it very affordable . 

I would highly recommend this church accounting software.


Finally, someone has done what Intuit has failed to do for years!!!

You built an intuitive, web-based, accounting system for non-profits that does TRUE fund accounting!

- John

I just entered my first batch of donations this morning and it took me about 1/3 the time as it did in QuickBooks! I'm thrilled!

- Samantha

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Aplos. I personally use their product and am very satisfied with it. If you click on the links on this page and decide you like it too and want to try it, I will receive a small commission.