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Gary and Me

I established this website more than 15 years ago with the intention and desire of helping small churches like my own church. I titled it Free Church Accounting because I built it for the sole purpose of giving away the accounting spreadsheet I had created for my church. However, God had greater plans in store and this site has grown to over a thousand articles and tens of thousands of monthly visitors!

Over the years, I made an effort to respond to every query I received. However, due to the substantial rise in inquiries, I am regrettably unable to address all of them. To maintain fairness, I have had to cease answering any questions. Please refer to the section below for a link to help find solutions to your queries.

  1. If you would like information on my bookkeeping/payroll and consulting services, please use the green "Contact Me" button found at the bottom of my "Outsourcing your Bookkeeping" page. 
  2. If you require assistance with any of the issues listed below, please use the contact form below:
  • Troubles with receiving or downloading your free spreadsheets
  • Problems with downloading any of our digital products for purchase on this site

Kindly check the FAQ page first for potential solutions. If needed, it will guide you on where to submit your question or problem. Your feedback is invaluable. Please use the form below to suggest topics you would like to see covered on the site or to share how it has been beneficial to you.

For business, JV, or advertising inquiries, please utilize the contact form provided.

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Again, I am sorry I can no longer respond to all of your questions. I work hard every day with my bookkeeping firm and providing up-to-date information in this website and I'm a not getting any younger =) Both of those factors have made it impossible to address the hundreds of church accounting questions I received almost daily. You can use the search site page to check if your question has already been answered. However, for issues with local government, please contact a CPA in your area for better assistance.

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