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Medicare?? SS??

by Belinda

Is it bad if we have been taking out SS and Medicare? Since I started helping they have been doing it and that has been 8 years ago. someone told them they only had to report half of their income since they were Clergy, is that Right?

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Feb 13, 2014
Medicare?? SS??
by: Lewis in NC

"Someone" told them very wrong about reporting just 1/2 of their income (see Clergy/Minister tab to the left of your screen and read carefully. BUT,it is not the worst thing that could happen for you to have deducted SS and Medicare from your pastor's pay(on 1/2 of his/her pay?, or whatever).
The reason is, he/she has to pay that (normally on their own anyway) when they file taxes each year as part of their self-employment taxes. But, sounds like he/she has not been filing that either??? Direct your pastor to this website for some important reading.

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