Housing allowance reported in W-2 box 14 but not actually received

by David

Housing Allowance Package

Housing Allowance Package

I have received from my church W-2 form that includes HA in box 14 as others. But the total amount in box 14 was not received.

For example, church designated $1,000/month for HA and $100/month for utility and church paid total $1,100/month. Church also designated $2,000/year as other housing expenses (repairs, remodeling, etc.) and this amount was included in the box 14, for a total amount of $15,200 ($12000+$1200+$2000) for the year.

But the $2,000/year amount was actually not paid by church. If I had expenses (repairs) that exceeded $2,000, am I able to deduct $2,000 from my income and if so where do I report this amount in form 1040? Do I have to include $2,000 in calculating SE tax?

FYI I own my home. Thank you for your help


Vickey's Answer

I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Box 14 on your W-2 should only include actual HA payments paid to you. If the amount is incorrect, a corrected W-2 needs to be filed.

You will report the eligible amount on your Schedule SE on your 1040 form because your housing allowance is included when calculating the SE tax.

Please consider purchasing the Housing Allowance Package or the Church Accounting Package for more information.

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