Why Should You Keep Accounting Records?

by simms adomako

How and why should churches keep accounting records?


Before making a major cash purchase for your church, you need to know the balance of your church’s bank account.

Likewise, your church’s financial administrators need timely, useful information in order to make good decisions regarding your church.

Research your country's rules and regulations and develop a system that conforms to those laws.

However, it should be an accounting system that is user-friendly (most small churches rely on volunteers without much accounting experience) and informative for your church's administration to base their financial decisions on.

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Keeping records is so important!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this site. So many non-profit organizations fail to realize that keeping a close eye on their finances and doing things the RIGHT way will PROTECT. Not only does keeping track of finances help when being audited by the government (this should be obvious), but if/when there is ever any doubt among their followers, constituents or philanthropists, the paper trail that an organization keeps can sometimes wash clean any suspicion that mere words may not be able to. There is a great blog at http://fredrickjames.com that covers TONS of topics about accounting, taxes and keeping your financial records straight. To the blog-master, there are also great resources there that you might be able to provide to your followers in the form of PDFs and downloadable documents.

One last question to the blogmaster: Do you think it's important that non-profits/churches employ the services of a CPA? Or can I do my own taxes if I'm a small enough business? What do you think?

Thanks for the site and all the great information!

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