what about a W-2?


So, if I have a bi-vocational pastor who we only paid $500/month, all of which we designated as housing, do I issue him a W-2 with the $6000 listed in box H, even though the earned income box will be $0? I have searched the internet and the IRS website and can't find any discussion of this. Thanks.

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w2 and housing allowances
by: Tammy

No W-2 for housing allowances. A housing allowance is between the church & the pastor. The reporting of is between the pastor and the IRS-the church should not get involved at all. It is not the churches job to inform the IRS of housing allowance.

what about a W-2?
by: Anonymous - MN

The pay roll package I use creates a W2 just as you described.

It is the responsibility of the Pastor to account for his housing and if it does not use all of the $6000, it must be added back into his income. Therefor it is important that you issue a W2 indicating the amount of his housing for his information and the IRS.

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