temporary housing

by Trent Rose
(Durant ok)

I am a minister and changed jobs 7 months ago which required a move to another city. I own my own home with a mortgage and maintain utilities at that town. That is currently listed as my permanent tax home.

It is 3 hours away and spend the night there at least every 2 weeks. I am currently trying to sell said home but in the meantime, my new church has graciously offered a parsonage as temporary housing.

Now, the secretary is saying my housing allowance can't be used in my home that I am paying a mortgage on and she is going to retroactively tax that allowance.

My question is... Can I use my permanent tax home for my housing allowance since I am in temporary housing now?

It is church property but am charged nothing to live there and nothing is taken out of my salary to live there. The church pays the utilities.
Thank you.

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