Speaker Fees, Love Offerings

When we have a speaker come and pay him a "fee," plus give him a love offering (for which the church members expect a tax-donation) - are we supposed to get his Tax Id# from him? I have just taken over the position of Treasurer and it has never been done in the past. Thank you, Kaye


Yes. You would need to have him complete a W-9.

If he lists a corporation on the W-9 (there’s a place to mark if they are) you would not send him a 1099-MISC; however, if he is not a corporation and the accumulated amount paid him over the entire calendar year is over $600...you need to send him a 1099-MISC and then send a copy A and a 1096 transmittal form to the IRS.

By the way...the love offerings will be taxable to him as they are considered to be for a service.

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Feb 01, 2011
Boxes 3 & 7 on Form 1099-Misc
by: Kaye

On the Form 1099-Misc - Is it correct to list the love offerings in Box 3 as "other income" and the speaker fees in Box 7 as "nonemployee compensation"?

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