singers and love offerings

Our church has a few gospel groups that sing at church throughout the year. We take up an offering from the congregation and give it to the singers. The checks are sometimes made out to our church and/or directly to the group. How should our church handle this and should the gospel group receive a 1099 from our church for any or all of the monies?

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Feb 11, 2014
singers and love offerings
by: Anonymous MN

A 1099 should issued for the amount that the Church sends to the group.

Feb 13, 2014
payments for services
by: Sandi

For any people that you expect to give funds to for services rendered:
It is easiest if you get a W-9 from them before they provide service.

Many other sites suggest not giving funds until form is completed.

The church should have a policy in place to cover guest speakers so that no "one person" is responsible for compliance. It is just plain easier to say "the council" requires it, as they represent the whole church body most people will have no problem with filling out the form.


Feb 13, 2014
Guest Speaker Policy
by: Vickey

Sandi is right and has also shared copies of many of her church policies including the guest speaker policy.

They can be found on this page:

The Guest Speaker policy is in the misc forms file.

Jan 16, 2015
Love Offerings for Concerts
by: Anonymous

Do the love offerings given by congregation members go on their contribution statements? Do we 1099 if they receive any amount or only if over $600?

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