by Brad
(Peoria, Arizona)

I have been approached by someone employed by a registered not-for-profit ministry to ask if we would "second" him.

By that he means we would officially employ him as a minister of the Gospel and we would in turn get reimbursed by his not-for-profit ministry for all employee expenses. He would then qualify for a clergy housing allowance.

He described this as a fairly typical and accepted practice but I have never heard of this. It also seems as a bit of an questionable way around IRS rules.

Is this to your knowledge a common and IRS approved practice? Or is it a novel way around accepted IRS policies for clergy allowance?

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Apr 18, 2016
about "seconding." So if you are being asked to buy something here; buyer beware!
by: Lewis in NC

Seconding? In reading about clergy housing allowances and general taxes from many resources, I've seen nothing about "seconding." This reminds me of my General Business class in high school and the Latin phrase "Caveat Emptor"--translated, "Let the buyer beware." Sounds as though you are trying to be.

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