Reporting Housing Allowance

by Debra
(Winston-Salem, NC)

I agree with your reasoning. Are ministers to receive a W2 with only housing allowance listed in Box 14? I did read the answer to this question in a submission below, but want to make sure to report the amount to the IRS.

Comments for Reporting Housing Allowance

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SE exemption
by: Anonymous

If form 4361 has been filed then SE is not required.

Housing Allowances are Not reported to the IRS by the Church
by: Vickey

Not sure which post you are referring to, but housing allowance payments are not reported to the IRS by the church.

The eligible housing exclusion is reported to the IRS and Social Security by the minister on a SCH SE in their personal tax return.

So the church can "report" the housing allowance amount paid to the minister in Box 14 of a W-2 which is simply an informational box for the W-2 recipient.

...or in a letter from the church to the minister.

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