Pastor purchases gifts for hospitalized members

by Anonymous
(North Carolina)

When our Pastor visits members who are in the hospital, he sometimes purchases a small gift for them and turns in the receipt for reimbursement from the church. Is this a reimbursable expense?

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Dec 31, 2016
Who is the Recognized Giver
by: Anonymous

Here are my two cents (but take it for what is worth, i.e. less than two cents)

If the pastor has a note that says "From pastor Dave" for example then it should be from the pastor, not from the church. If the gift is known to be from the church, then the church should pay for it (reimburse the pastor).

Feb 01, 2017
Gifts to givers
by: Anonymous

If the pastor gives a $50 gift to a giver in the hospital on behalf of the church does that value have to be reflected on their giving statement?

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