Pastor has declined to provide estimate housing expenses to substantiate housing allowance adjustment

Should a pastor provide a written estimate of housing expenses to the church when asking for an increase or change in his housing allowance, even if the change is only a reallocation of his current salary? All we were given was a piece of notebook paper with the amount he wants designated as housing.

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Oct 09, 2014
substantiate housing allowance
by: Lewis in NC

YES, ALL pastors should be required to provide specific details for the church files on housing expenses, we attach statements for all sorts of expenses to copies of checks (power bills, water bills, etc.) that our church writes to account for monies that the church spends. The housing allowance (as an allocation of salary or as additional cash allowance for the housing) should be documented as well. If pastors are not willing to supply this documentation, then they must have something to hide. Transparency is always the best policy. After all this is a substantial expense for the church.

Oct 09, 2014
housing allowance
by: Anonymous

you should read

If you haven't already gotten IRS pub 1828 you should. It has all the basics for church and where to get the detailed publications for further research...

update your IRS pubs yearly

Jan 16, 2015
Wrong answer
by: Anonymous

According to the IRS they do not have to provide reciepts, mortgage statements, nor any other documentation. It is their determination and they are responsible for proving their housing expenses to the IRS. Sounds like the first answer is more snoopy than the pastor actually hiding something.

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