pastor aide ministries & IRS

by Betty J.
(San Pablo, CA USA)

Are contributions to Pastor's Aide Ministries reportable to IRS as income to the pastor, if this account is used exclusively for his needs?

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Oct 24, 2016
Pastor Aide
by: Anonymous

Any aide given to the pastor and/or his wife needs to be reported to the IRS. Any gifts of cash which are given to the church for him also need to be reported. Only cash gifts that are given directly to him from another person/paritioner privately do not need to be reported.

Oct 24, 2016
Accountable Reimbursements
by: Vickey

Anonymous's comment is correct. Unaccountable funds given to a minister are taxable and must be reported in Box 1 of that individual's W-2.

If that fund is being used for eligible business expenses, I would recommend setting up an Accountable Reimbursement policy, so that those business expenses can be prepaid and reimbursed

See how to set up and administer such a policy by clicking on TOPICS at the top of this page and then going to ADMINISTRATION. Then scroll down to the Accountable Reimbursement article links.

or copy and paste this link:

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