Part time pastor & housing allowance

by Debbie
(Melbourne, FL)

My husband will be working 15 hours per week (ordained minister). Can he use all of his pay toward housing allowance (his monthly pay will be less than our mortgage alone)?

Vickey's reply

Yes. All of the pastor's compensation can be designated as a housing allowance if the governing body of the church approves and sets it up that way.

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Dec 22, 2017
Part time housing allowance
by: JIm Martin

The question this lady asked wasn't about the allowability and the rules for receiving a housing allowance, it is rather can someone who is not full time receive a housing allowance? (at least I think that's the point). My answer is yes he can.

It is the nature of most ministry members that they preach on Sunday and work in either secular employment the rest of the time or even clerical employment in a different place the rest of the time. The intent of congress was to encourage clergy to spread the good news and in hopes that the effect of the good news can penetrate the population. I think a part time minister receives the entire housing allowance so long as the rest of the rules are followed

Dec 22, 2017
All Salary as Housing Allowance
by: Vickey

You are correct, Jim. I misread this question. All of a minister's compensation can be set up as a housing allowance ...especially with an "outside" job to pay other expenses.

See more on designating all of a minister's salary as a housing allowance by clicking on "Topics" at the top of this page...then "Ministers Taxes" ...then on "Desginating All Salary as Housing Allowance" or you can copy and paste:

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