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minister with another job at the church

I am a youth and children's minister - part-time and receive no other benefits. I am an employee of the church. I am also a director of a choir and I am paid monthly and receive no other benefits.

On my W-2, the church has been putting all the funds I earn in the box with clergy earnings. Since the director of the choir is not a youth choir and not a minister function, and, I am not performing sarcedotal functions, I don't think all of my earnings should be grouped together.

I have talked to the financial person at my church and have been told they are in their right to group all the funds together. She also says that their payroll company that takes care of the checks is unable to separate my checks.

So, help me out, what is the correct procedure when a clergy person also has another job/salary earnings at the church?

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Jul 27, 2014
minister with another job at the church
by: Anonymous - MN

I would suggest you consult with your local tax preparing CPA and ask their advice

Jul 28, 2014
Many Hats
by: Vickey

I agree with the Anonymous-MN.Payroll issues are complicated and should be handled by a qualified professional. Just make sure they are familiar with clergy and church taxes.

I will mention though that many ministers wear many hats in their ministerial roles. Some are the Choir Director, Custodian, Maintenance Man, and Accountant all rolled into one...and paid one ministerial wage for all:)

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