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Minister Travel expense vs benefit

by Tommy B.
(Clearwater, Fl.)

A church has a minister who travels throughout the USA for meetings and to conduct sermons. The church pays for his airline flights. When he lands he is picked up, housed and fed meals by a church member. Do these fringe benefits need to be reported to the Irs or are they non taxable?

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Sep 11, 2012
travel benefit reporting
by: Anonymous

Check out IRS Pub 15B
also IRS Taxable Fringe Benefit Guide
It is a good idea to review the IRS Pub 15 series.
Hope this helps

Sep 11, 2012
Thank You But.....
by: Tommy B

Thank you for pointing out the Pub 15 series. I have attempted to read some of the IRS information but I just can't make heads or tails out of it. Plus there is literally hours of reading there. I only have one simple question and am hoping someone who is experienced in the field could provide an answer. I would appreciate any and all helpers. God Bless!!

Sep 11, 2012
staying in homes
by: Anonymous

I would say if he is not receiving any money for these items and he is a qualified employee it is a De minimis (minimal) benefit and then would not be reported.

If he is being reimbursed a whole different set of rules apply...

It is so important to be familiar with the IRS pubs, but as a volunteer I sure find it hard to keep up! I am VERY THANKFUL for this web site!!!Good luck to you & Prayers :0)

Nov 02, 2012
Consult a Professional
by: Vickey

Tommy, there are too many variables with this situation for anyone including a professional to give you advice without knowing all the details.

You might try contacting Corey A. Pfaffe, CPA, LLC at

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