Love offerings taxable from other churches?

by James Coulter
(Cottonwood, Arizona)

I recently left my position as a worship pastor at a church in Maryland and are relaunching a church in Arizona as the senior pastor.

In the process, several churches have taken up love offerings for us and have sent those love offerings directly to us to help us meet our living needs since we are not able to take a salary from the new church yet.

So, I really have three questions:

Are those gifts from churches (that are not the church that we came from or are going to) taxable? If so, how much percentage wise should we set aside?

Since we left the position at the church in MD, are the gifts that we receive from them after we are no longer employed from them taxable?

We have certainly made our needs known to all of our friends, but all of these gifts are the results of their own decisions to take up and give to us.

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Oct 15, 2020

by: Vickey

The money collected and sent from the churches for your "support" until the church is up and going would be taxable income. If $600 or more (from one church), they will probably send you a 1099...if not, you should still report on a Sch C on your personal income tax return.

"Gifts" from family and friends are exactly that...Gifts and probably not taxable income. Unlike the offering from the churches...they cannot take a tax deduction for those gifts =)

As far as the amount to set aside for taxes, please consult a tax professional as you would have to provide your personal tax situations for those estimates =)

Also, please note that I am not a tax attorney, so please consult them on the taxability of all of the "gifts" you are referring to.

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