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by keith J

Why does the irs have the right to control what we would understand to be a blessing from GOD.when a person receives a love gift or love offering where does the control end concerning churches and individuals who desire to bless people curious in minnesota

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Jun 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Because of the many places calling theirself churches and abusing the system IRS has to keep us honest. Sad really, as God tells us to obey mans rules as long as they don't conflict with the bible.

Jun 20, 2012
The IRS isn't controlling giving, just taxability
by: Bob

Don't confuse the IRS guidelines with whether you can or cannot give. You are free to give whatever you'd like to whomever you'd like. BUT, since the IRS does control income tax, they have clear guidelines on what is taxable.

An employer cannot "give" money to an employee--that's compensation and therefore taxable.

A church attendee cannot "give" money to a pastor (tax free) and still get a tax deduction for the gift. If the donor gets a tax deduction, then the church runs it through the payroll system.

By all means we should be generous. And the IRS rules should not dictate who we give to as led by the Lord. But that does not free us from living according to the laws of the land in terms of doing so ethically and under the same rules as everyone else.

Jun 20, 2012
from just a comment
by: K jeffries

thank you for that info its very helpful

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