Is a W-2 necessary?

by Kevin

My church only pays me a housing allowance (no regular wage/income). Getting a W2 that has $0 for wages messes up my ability to electronically file. Is there a way this can be done and proper taxes paid without a W2?

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HA Only
by: Bill OConnell

You are unclear about some details that matter. So this answer assumes that the W2 is correctly prepared and the $6000 appears in box 14 ONLY.

The $6000 goes to form SE which will calculate about $800 of Self employment tax. This SE tax will the go to page 2 of the 1040 on the line "Other Taxes".

If the assumption is incorrect or you have other questions please call me at 617-921-9321.

Housing amount, where does it go?
by: Anonymous

What do I do with the housing amount when doing my taxes? I have no income only a $6000 housing. I have a w-2.

W2 NOT required
by: Bill OConnell

The previous comment is incorrect.

In the particular facts in this case, the church meets its reporting requirements by communicating in writing how much was paid in HA. The communication should be on church letterhead.

by: Anonymous

Yes..a W-2 is always necessary. If you receive any kind of income, regardless if it's only housing allowance, you need to declare that. As well, you need to save your actual expenses since your housing allowance costs and actual money received may be different amounts. The IRS or your accountant will calculate the amounts and will determine if you owe or will receive money back from them.

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