Insurance for the pastor and wife

Is the church reimbursement of premiums for Individual insurance for the pastor and his wife legal?

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Reimbursement for medicare & suppemental nsurance to pastor's wife
by: Anonymous

The church voted to pay wife’s health insurance which includes medicare and supplemental, beginning March, 2012 when she turned 65. This is a part of the pastor’s package and is posted as family health. Since the money is taken out of her check, the church has been reimbursing her with a check written to her. Will the church need to issue her a 1099 at the end of the year? Is this the correct way to reimburse pastor’s wife? The church wants to handle this in a way that will give pastor the best tax benefit. How should the church handle this situation?

Health Savings Accounts
by: cmr

What about an individual Health Savings Account where the church pays the premiums?

by: Vickey

Yes...but it is also considered taxable income unless it is through a qualified church sponsored policy.

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