Independent contractor vs employee

by Marli

Some members of our church want to begin their own church but use our facilities until they can afford to move to their own facilities.

We are currently paying their minister's salary - he is an employee.

However, in a couple of months the Board wants to declare him an independent contractor and pay him to be their minister with the donations from that group of members.

Can he be an independent contractor?

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Contracted Employee from another Exempt Organization
by: Anonymous

Similar to Marli,

Within our membership is gentleman that has formed his own 501(c)(3) to perform counseling services. This is where my understanding grows thin...I am told this gentleman is not a US citizen and does not have proper worker status to receive a Form W-2. Our church wants to contract with this other exempt organization for services. We would pay the other organization for the gentleman's time at a stated hourly rate. Some of the services provided would be counseling, others are teaching, music ministry, etc.

I have all kinds of red flags in my mind, but would like some direction, please.

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