Inclusion of pastor on 941 with other employees

Do I file a separate 941 for the pastor as he only request w/holding of taxes. He pays his own SS and Medicare tax. How do I show this if I include him with the other employees?

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Clergy housing
by: Anonymous

Should the pastor's housing allowance be included in his income? Should it be included on the total income on the 941.

Filing a Form 941 for all Employees
by: Vickey

I contacted our Payroll Expert with Wisdom Over Wealth and this was her response regarding the inclusion of a pastor on 941 with other employees:

"You just file one 941. The federal wages and social security wages will be different. The federal will include the minister’s wages where the social security wages are lower because the minister’s wages are exempt from social security and Medicare tax. The IRS will not question this and the W-2 at the end of the year will reflect this difference as well. The IRS has an election to show the minister’s wages are exempt, so no need to explain the difference. I have run into problems where the w-2 are not matching the 941’s and had to explain that, but report it properly on one 941 and match the w-2’s to those filings and they are happy."

Note: Do not click that box in line 4 UNLESS NONE of the quarterly wages are subject to Social Security taxes.

by: Sandi

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