I voluntarily have my Social Security taken out.

by Phil

I'm am a pastor. The church and I have agreed to have my Social Security taxes taken out voluntarily. I filled out the w-4 to have this done. On my w-2 these taxes show up as being taken out in box 2 as federal income taxes. Where on my tax form do I show that these taxes are already taken out?

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by: Sandi

I used the sitesearch and found the following-
for the church:
"Income tax withheld for Pastor
by: Vickey

If you pay his income tax for him on top of gross wage, then you will have to include the amount on W-2.

It would be more beneficial for your pastor if when he filled out a W-4 have the church hold out his income taxes and an extra amount that would cover his self employment taxes also.

You would report his withholding on a form 941."

and for the employee:
"Reporting Income
by: Vickey

It would depend on how it was reported.

If you are an employee of the church, it should have been included in box 1 of your W-2 You would then record that amount on line 7 of a 1040.If it wasn’t included in your W-2, you could report it on line 21 (Other Income).

If you are self-employed, it would be included in line 1 of a Schedule C.

hope this helps

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