I don't have my commissioning certificate

by James Post
(Woodland, WA, USA)

We are commissioned missionaries that could claim a housing allowance, but are being told we need a certificate/letter with details of our commissioning, dated before we started our ministry.

The issue is we don't recall receiving such a letter, the church we were commissioned at has since closed, and the pastor is no longer ordained.

Are there any other options to prove we were commissioned?

Thank you,


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Commissioned, Ordained, or Licensed
by: Vickey

I'm hoping someone else can chime in as I don't know an answer to your question.

You definitely need something in writing for one of those main qualifications in the title of this comment...to be classified as a minister and thus receive a housing allowance...BUT

I think the hang up ...even if you did have something in writing ...is that the housing allowance is always designated by the governing body of the church that is "paying" you a housing allowance.

Since the church that commissioned you is closed...I'm don't think that you could "claim" part or all of your donations as a housing allowance =(

Please consult a "knowledgable" tax professional to get the best advice.

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