H&R Block Housing Allowance for pastors

by Larry Goodale
(Was Cordova, AK, now Wapato, WA)

I had to go back and file my 2018 taxes. I am using H&R Block software. The church I pastored did not report my housing allowance on the W-2, which was legal. But how do I tell the software that I have SE Tax I owe?

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housing allowance
by: Anonymous

You can post clergy housing allowance in box 14 on H&R Block software when you enter your W-2 info. Select "other" in the description and then enter the amount. Box 14 is where it is usually reflected on W-2's for ministers.

Report Correct Housing Allowance Amount on Schedule SE
by: Vickey

I have not used HR Block software, so not sure where exactly to go in the software to input the correct housing allowance amount; however, most tax return software has a "questionnaire" that pops up when you mark in it that you are a minister...maybe when you check the box that you are a minister when inputting your W-2 information in?

The less of the 3 amounts I talk about on this page: https://www.freechurchaccounting.com/housingallowance.html will be reported on Schedule SE...so maybe if you pull up that form...it will step you thru it?

Hoping that a minister that uses that software will read this and answer your question in better detail...but since taxes are due tomorrow...you might better try to call that software's support.

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