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How to file taxes as a bi-vocational missionary on deputation

I am a missionary on deputation this last year raising support. We were in a dozen or so churches and every church gave us a love offering/honorarium in every church.

Almost all of these churches gave us offerings of less than $600 and we did not record what we received figuring we would receive a 1099. I have not received any 1099's or any other form from any church.

Also it would be good to add that from all of the trips and other expenses that I incurred this during these trips would probably exceed the amount that we received through offerings. My question is...

Should I even claim any of this income because my expenses are greater than the offerings received?

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Feb 07, 2013
Should I file?
by: Anonymous in NC

If you file, then the expenses shown should offset the income and clear up any questions that the IRS might get from a few Misc. 1099 forms that they will receive for you. I say file just to be on the safe side. Remember, some of the places you worked may be very slow in sending out 1099 forms, so giving them time closer to April 15th would also be advisable. I read where new forms were sent to organizations by IRS this year, so that is another reason to go slower this year in filing.

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