Housing Expenses for More Than One Home?

When retired may a minister include housing expenses for a primary and secondary (seasonal) residence?

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Jan 19, 2020
Primary Home Expenses Only When Figuring Housing Allowance Exclusion
by: Vickey

The IRS's Ministers Audit Techniques Guide states at the bottom of page 7: "A minister can receive a parsonage allowance for only one home."


From reading the IRS's Topic No. 417 Earnings for Clergy and Pub 517, I believe you can only claim the housing allowance of your primary residence. That appears to include retired ministers as well.

HOWEVER, you should seek the advise of a tax professional and ...I can't stress this enough...please make sure that professional is VERY knowledgeable in ministers taxes!

I can highly recommend Corey Pfaffe with the Ministry CPA: https://www.ministrycpa.org/

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