Housing allowance PLUS parsonage

Our pastor is living in a church supplied parsonage but just bought a home. He will not move into the home for another month. Can he receive a housing allowance on the home for the month he remains in the parsonage?

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Not 2 allowances
by: Rick

It is not a question of receiving 2 allowances. He is not receiving any allowance while living in the church provided parsonage. In addition, the church pays all utilities and expenses associated with the parsonage. The question is whether or not he can receive an allowance for his newly purchased home before he actually moves into the home (while he is still living in the parsonage (one month).

Housing allowance + parsonage. . .
by: Lewis in NC

For the month that he/she is still living in the parsonage, he/she cannot claim an exclusion in income on his taxes for housing expenses of both places--only one place to live at a time.

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