Housing Allowance for personal home not parsonage

We own a home that we will be renting out - the rent may or may not cover the entire mortgage payment. We will be living in a church parsonage. May we use the housing allowance paid by the church for our personal home even though we live in a parsonage?

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Eligible Housing Expenses
by: Anonymous

Regarding Anonymous post on Sept. 4th...it does not matter because he can only claim the LESSER of:

The amount actually spent on eligible housing expenses.

The fair market rental value plus furnishings and utilities.

The amount officially designated in advance as housing allowance.

Eligible expenses include expense relating to renting a home, purchasing a home, and maintaining a home in which the qualifying minister lives or lived in for the tax year.

housing allowance
by: Anonymous

what if a minister keeps housing allowance and allows home to go into foreclousure?

Housing allowance for one home only
by: Anonymous in NC

No, it is this writer's understanding that housing allowances can cover expenses on only one home for the pastor--the one he/she lives in.

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