Housing Allowance for office space

by Evangelist Diane Meddaugh
(Battle Creek, MI)

I am currently living in a small apartment, and plan on moving into a mobile home that has an extra bed room that will be used as an office.

Would I a be able to take a housing allowance on the difference between the two rents? The difference would be about $150.00.

I do not take a salary, as my ministry on a regular basis is in the nursing homes and senior living complexes.

I am an ordained minister and the ministry DLM Christian Ministries Int'l is State registered as a church, as I take the church to those who can't get out, this ministry also has a foreign missions outreach. This ministry is also involved in home missions outreach and has planned, and put together an Evangelistic Christian concert in the park last summer.

I am in much need of office space, I can no longer handle the amount of work out of my small living room.

Any suggestions, and comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

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