Gifts smaller than $250

by David

Our church has never kept records and issued receipts for gifts less than $250.

We get somewhat regular questions from new attenders who want all contributions recorded and receipts issued.

Is that necessary, required, beneficial?

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Comments for Gifts smaller than $250

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Aug 22, 2010
Annual Contribution Statement
by: Vickey

It is not required; however, recording ALL the contributions is very beneficial for you and your donors. If there should ever be a dispute on the amount a donor gives throughout the year, you will have a record.

Also most contributors in a small church do not give over $250 at a time, but give their tithes regularly. It is a more convenient for them for you to issue annual contribution statements than for them to keep all their canceled checks.

Nov 20, 2010
Requested Receipts
by: Peter Costas

To answer: NO, it is not required or beneficial.
Because the IRS does not require a receipt under $250 I would defer to them, stating that "in order to keep costs down and still fulfill all IRS requirements, you do not (and will not) issue receipts for gifts under $250. " NOTE: Beware of someone who protests too much about this.

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