Sample of Annual Contribution Statement

The following is an example of a Annual Contribution Statement. It can be detailed or as simple as you desire as long as it contains these ...

5 Essential Elements of an Annual Contribution Statement:

Annual Contribution Statement
  1. Organization's name
  2. Donor's name
  3. Date(s) of contribution(s)
  4. Amount(s) of contribution(s)
  5. A statement explaining whether the charity provided any goods or services to the donor for the contribution. If no goods or services were provided, you would include similar wording such as: "You did not receive any goods or services in connection with these contributions other than intangible religious benefits".

Example of an Annual Contribution Statement:

Dear [personalize],

We thank God for you! Your gifts to _________Church throughout [year] are gratefully acknowledged.

Because of your contributions, our congregation has been able to support the work of Jesus Christ locally, regionally, and around the world. (Briefly mention some examples of what the church was able to do in missions and ministry during the previous year.)

Attached (or “Here” if it is a short list… just list below) is an itemized statement of your contributions for [year], according to our records. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of this information, please let us know.

For income tax purposes, it is important for us to state here that you did not receive any goods or services in return for any of these contributions other than intangible religious benefits. You made these gifts out of your own generosity and commitment to Jesus Christ.

{Whether you insert or omit this next paragraph is totally up to you. Some might find it too pushy...while others may feel that a gentle reminder is great idea.}

Our records show that you pledged ____ for the year and paid ____ of that pledge. (If the pay up is not complete, you may wish to include sentences like these: "Although the books are closed for [year], if you are able to do so you are invited to consider fulfilling last year's pledge along with this year's commitment. Of course gifts to the church will be deductible in the year they are given.")

Once again, thank you for your generous commitment to the work of Jesus Christ through this church.


Your Name

Church Title


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