Gift to a church member?

I was asked to do some help around the church and the pastor wanted to pay me.

I am retired and did not want to mess that up.

Can I volunteer and if the pastor would give me money in return, can I give it all back to the church as a love offering.

Will that be tax deductable for me, will I have to claim that money, and will it be tax deductiable for the church?

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Gifts for services rendered
by: Marcus in Texas

If you are being paid for providing services, then it should be considered as taxable income to you. It would seem to me that the only way you could claim returning the $$$ to the church as a charitable contribution would be if you offset it by showing it as taxable income, so the "net" to you would seem to be zero. I volunteer my services as church treasurer and will accept no compensation; however, should I receive a monetary "gift" for performing the services, I would have to show it as compensation subject to taxation.

Since churches are not taxed the same as commercial entities, there is no tax benefit to the church for paying you or anyone else for providing services, either as an employee of the church or as a volunteer.

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