Gift for Severance Pay

by Andrew
(Murfreesboro, TN)

We have let a staff member go (nothing really bad, he just wasn't a good fit). We wanted to give him a small severance package, but we could not afford it. A friend of the church (not a particular friend of the employee) has volunteered to fund his severance package. I think this contribution should be deductible, because he is funding a legitimate expense of the church and there is no particular relationship between the donor and the employee.

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by: Anonymous

all gift's designated to an individual are not deductible, if they give to the church and the committee votes to give then it would be.. but there needs to be a written policy for giving gifts...

Gift for severance pay. . .
by: Lewis in NC

And. . . what do others think? Is there a policy on severance pay for the church, or is this setting new precedence? Has the governing body spoken?

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