Full-Time RVer

by Robert
(Crestview, FL)

My denomination designates my pension as "housing allowance" and has an IRS letter confirming that designation.

Beginning in June 2020 we live full time in our Travel Trailer as we tow it around the country visiting various states.

What expenses can I use to justify that allowance?

For the Fair Rental Value, I will use a similar furnished travel trailer that is rented at a campground.

For our actual expenses I am tracking:
- Campground site fees in lieu of utilities and rent.
- Maintenance and upgrade costs, both technician fees and parts and tools that I use myself.
- Propane (purchased separately).
- Mail forwarding service. Rather than change our mailing address every few days or so, we use this address as our Domicile. When we have items of interest they forward them to us.
- We do not have acquisition costs nor loan payments.

Are these actual categories reasonable? What have I neglected?

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