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I have decided to put up a page that you can post your testimonials and reviews of the free accounting spreadsheets.

If you have used them before or are currently using them, could you take a moment to tell others what you thought of them?

Were they helpful?

Too complicated?

Too simple?

Good or bad...I'll post all of your reviews!

What People Are Saying About the Free Spreadsheets

Was the spreadsheets helpful? Would you recommend them to a friend? Could you take a few minutes and give a quick review of the accounting spreadsheets?

See What Other People Are Saying About the Spreadsheets!

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No Form Subscribe 
I have not been able to find the form to subscribe in order to download free spreadsheet. Can someone help?

Couldn't find 
Where are the free spread sheets, I couldn't find them. Signed up and confirmed email. NOTHING!!!! Is this a scam?

Just Awesome! 
I just thank the Lord for Vickey!I was able to find her web page because of the name she gave it then Free. Ever since it has worked out for me. Amazing …

I've been on this site for an hour trying to locate a basic free accounting form for my church. There is not one form that I can 1. locate 2. download. …

I couldn't find any free spreadsheets for church bookkeeping. I don't think you really meant that when you said they are free. Thank you.

Free spreadsheets 
Thank you so much for sharing your spreadsheets! I expect the Lord will reward you in heaven for helping those of us that needed some quick help. I have …

Very nice Not rated yet
Thank you for sharing the spreadsheets. I just took over treasurer for a start-up church and these sheets are definitely a great stepping stone for me …

church Not rated yet
thank you for all

So helpful Not rated yet
Thank you for the free spreadsheets. I was appointed to the Treasurer of a not-for-profit school in Port au Prince Haiti. Your spreadsheets make it so …

Thanks! Not rated yet
Thanks for offering a free start up spreadsheet. Elissa

Thanks for free spreadsheets Not rated yet
Thanks for free spreadsheets. I am using it for my church. It is a small church but we need to keeping track all monthly collection and expenses. I …

Thanks Not rated yet
Just down loaded the free spreadsheet. Thank you so much. We are a small church and I needed help, no experience just a willing heart. You are truly a …

Thank you so much Not rated yet
Hi Vicky, I have found the spreadsheets to be very handy and simple to follow. Thankyou and God Bless Kelemu Papua New Guinea

Spreadsheet is easy to use, like an ordinary spreadsheet it is quick and easy to manage computations for our day to day computations and activities. …

Free Spread sheet Not rated yet
Hi Vickey, Thanx very much for the spread sheet I have downloaded. From Thulani RSA

Thank you Not rated yet
i find this so interesting

Amazing Not rated yet
Thank you Vickey for doing all you do to help churches. We are a new church plant and could not afford, or need at this time, expensive complicated software. …

Administrator Not rated yet

Thank You For Sharing! Not rated yet
Dear Vickey, Despite all that you are going through you made time to share your knowledge of non-profit accounting. My son is starting a non-profit …

demand of a Spreadsheet  Not rated yet
Praise God ,I am an Accountant of a local church in Rwanda called Remera Miracle Centre and I want start using your free spreadsheet . God Bless you for …

norma list Not rated yet
thanks so much

Great Website Not rated yet
great website

Spreadsheet Question Not rated yet
I feel silly asking this question, but I am new to the Treasurer position at our new church. I am very excited to find your spreadsheets and am well …

free spreedsheets Not rated yet
it was very helpful

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Downloading Free Spreadsheets Not rated yet
Thank you for sharing your helpful information with us. It is very much appreciated. My initial attempt to dismiss the spreadsheets gave me a message …

You are a blessing! Not rated yet
I had no problem downloading any of the spreadsheets. they have really help us. When I speak of you it's as if we've seen each other before. The works …

Free Spreadsheets for Churches Not rated yet
I've downloaded several of your spreadsheets and I had no problem with them. They have helped me to keep better records, also they are well structured …

Free Accounting Spreadsheets Not rated yet
What a Blessing to me and my Church! Not only did they work, they also provided step by step instructions on how to utilize the spreadsheets. They have …

Great Guidance Not rated yet
The spreadsheets along with other information has been very helpful to me in developing forms and procedure manuals for our small congregation. Thanks …

Finance Comittiee Chairman - Elder Not rated yet
I have downloaded the spreadsheets and am currently using them. I had no trouble downloading and the only problem I have with using them is getting more …

Free Accounting Spreadsheets were a Life Saver! Not rated yet
I had no problems downloading the free spreadsheets. I was able to immediately start using them and they saved me more time than I could ever imagine being …

Outstanding! Not rated yet
I found the spreadsheets to be a tremendous time savers and they really helped me to understand how to track our church expenses without spending money …

All spreadsheets Not rated yet
Vickey You have been a blessing to me and the ministry. I thank God for you and your family, Thank you so much for the spreadsheets that I have downloaded …

Thank you, Vickey! Not rated yet
Thank you, Vickey for providing all of the free help and free spreadsheets for us small church accounting people. When I took on the job this past …

Free Spreadsheets Not rated yet
I downloaded the spreadsheet in a heart beat, with no problems at all. These spreadsheets are a great tool, very easy to use too. God bless you dear Vickie …

They work for me Not rated yet
In reading the bad report you received. I do remember that I had downloaded your spreadsheets and it wasn't corrupt, but it kept telling me to update …

Ms. Vickie's Spreadsheets Not rated yet
I don't personally know Ms. Vickie, but when I stumbled upon her website, I stumbled upon a blessing! God is blessing this family and using Ms. Vickie …

Never a problem Not rated yet
I have used these spreadsheets and other info found on this site. It has without a doubt helped me tremendously. While I have a mathematical background …

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If you want to DIY your payroll, I highly recommend you look at using Gusto! It is very user friendly and their support is awesome! Plus they know how to set up and maintain payrolls for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Note: I am a "partner" of Gusto, but as I have told you before ... I never recommend anything that we or our clients have not tried and love =)

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