Can I deduct Expenses on a Sch C for SE even if I a paid on a W2?

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Mar 10, 2019
No More Employee Deductions
by: Vickey

No. The employee deductions on Schedule A went away with the passing of the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).

You cannot deduct employee expenses on a SCH SE.

You also cannot deduct employee expenses on a SHC C. If you have additional income NOT reported on your W-2 such as guest speaker offerings at other churches...you could file that income on a SCH C and deduct expenses related to earning that income.

Apr 06, 2020
Just to clarify
by: Grace

Hi.. Just to clarify,
If you are a minister under W2, and has no income from weddings or ceremonies (all income from church under W2), then you cannot file Schedule C to deduct expenses?

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