entering donation for building fund on donor record

by naking

I entered a contribution from a donor to the building fund on the donor statement to track tithes and offerings but when I enter it doesn't show the amount of the contribution in the total. Why not? Also when I enter a date on some of the tracking records it enters ###### instead because it says something about the total or numbers being negative. How do I get it to accept the date. I am totally baffled.

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Feb 20, 2012
Contribution Spreadsheet
by: Vickey

I am assuming you are refering to my contribution spreadsheet.

Something must have got messed up in the download. The amount of the contribution should be showing in the total column and on the front Address worksheet. The date should be showing as well.

The date is an easy fix. Just highlight that column under the Date headline (row 17 unless you have modified the spreadsheet), right click, go down to Format Cells.

In the Category box, select Date.Over in the Type box, select how you want the date to appear.

Click OK.

You will need to do the same on all worksheets where you are getting the error message.

On the problem with the total...are you recording the amount in the right column? The amount should be recorded under the offering heading (Column C if spreadsheet not modified) and then typing the word “Building” under the Fund column (Column E).

Here are the instructions for setting up the contribution spreadsheet.

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