Electronic pledge payments

by Joanne

We have a number of members using the electronic payment system.

As treasurer, I feel that people should set up their own payments, I am not comfortable with the church office having bank account information and they have more than enough to do.

The pledgers need to renew their information every year. I feel that this is a good practice but some people think that their pledge amount will be changed automatically.

I am wondering how other treasurers/church accountants feel about this. Thank you.

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Electronic payment
by: Anonymous

Taking electronic payments is a big hassle for small churches. If you give by cash or check, then it's likely 100% of that is being used by the church.

But if you give electronically or by credit card, it's likely 2%-6% is going to a bank or other company managing the transaction.

Here, if you use the same bank as the church, there is a way to do it free of charge, which is what I do. But things get dicey real quick if you don't.

I've setup a paypal account for our church to do this. No one has tried it yet, because frankly, its too complicated. Also, once I explain that 2% goes to paypal, they would rather just give by check.

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