Earmarking contributions to an unpaid minister in a church

by Jules

It recently came to my attention that our campus pastor does not get paid. There are other pastors in the organization that do but the lead pastor said the church doesn't have the money to pay him.

Therefore, are allowed to live in area below the church. He works another job to keep his family fed and supply other essential needs. He work day for is non-pastoring job starts at approximately 1 am in the morning and he does not get home until 4 pm that afternoon.

Some of his pastoring requirements is that he also preside over an evening meeting from 7-8:15 pm as required by the lead pastor (on another campus). This means he doesn't get everyone out of the church and locked up until about 8:30 pm, goes home, goes to bed then has to get up about 12:30-1 am.

I think it's wrong that he's not given any monetary compensation for all the work he does for his congregation.

So, I would like to designate my tithe to him and his wife. Would that still be considered a non-taxable deduction? Cuz in my mind, they are missionaries for the lost in their area.

I really appreciate your input and comments. Thank you in advanced.

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Not Tax Deductible
by: Vickey

I understand your heart wanting to help this wonderful minister; however, your designated gift to this individual would NOT be tax deductible and furthermore your church has every right and probably should ... refuse your designated gift as it would be considered a "pass through" contribution.

Usually tithes are not designated and churches use those funds for the operation of the church. So my humble advice would be to continue to bless the church with your tithes and give this generous minister a personal gift ... just between you and him.

Side Note: This minister will not go unrewarded! Jesus sees his sacrifice and his heart to serve Him. If he is never paid here for it...he is definitely racking up rewards in Heaven! Many small churches cannot afford to pay their lay ministers. My own church has a wonderful minister like yours and we have never been able to pay him a penny, but I know God is keeping track of all his overtime:) Your post has encouraged me to slip him a love offering...just to show him how much I personally appreciate all he does for our church!

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