Double housing allowance for the same home.

We have a husband and wife as pastors in our church. One is Childrens, one is youth. Can we pay both of themj a housing allowance if they are in the same home. The total amount we pay them is still under what they pay for monthy expences?

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Double housing/utilities allowance
by: Anonymous

If two ministers (husband and wife) both work for different churches and both get housing/utilities allowances and live in same house would both be eligible for tax-exempt housing allowances?

dual housing
by: Sandi

The only information I could find on both duly ordained- looks like it would be ok if the council has pre-approved, remember it is up to the pastors to correctly report amounts, the council must just be realistic in the amount given.... and a call to the IRS is always a good idea if support is needed...
irs pub 517:
Husband and Wife
Missionary Team
If a husband and wife are both duly ordained,
commissioned, or licensed ministers of a
church and have an agreement that each will
perform specific services for which they are
paid jointly or separately, they must divide the
self­employment income according to the
If the agreement is with one spouse only
and the other spouse is not paid for any specific
duties, amounts received for their services are
included only in the self­employment income of
the spouse having the agreement

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