Does a minister receive Social Security benefits once he reaches retirement age?

Our pastor of 26 years recently asked me a question that I thought was cut and dry, but in reality I don't think it is quite as cut and dry as I originally thought it to be.

He wanted to know if once he retires will he be getting a check from Social Security. He pays into it, so I would think that he does.

Since his W-2 doesn't reflect any Social Security wages or Social Security taxes withheld, how does he get credit for it?

Is that something that is reflected on his actual tax return?

His annual W4 always reflects an additional amount of withholding to be withheld that covers his SS/Medicare tax.

I file a quarterly Form 941 and deposit taxes monthly.

His annual W-2 reflects in box 2 the total amount of the actual FWT AND the additional amt (which is actually SS and Medicare taxes).

He has never received a Social Security statement of account that the SSA usually sends out annually - thus the question.

Can you enlighten me?

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Mar 31, 2017
SS Benefits in retirement
by: Bill OConnell

Assuming he has paid SE tax on his form 1040 for the many years, he will be entitled to benefits, unless he filed an opt-out election earlier in life on form 4361.

He should check with SSA to get a copy of his account with them. it may be available via their website.

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