Do i include the amount that the church pays on rent as goss income or salary?

by Terry

Ok, the Church has agreed to pay me $44,000 salary per year. But they are going to actually write the checks for the rent which will total $8,400.00.

So on my contract do I show the $44,000.00 as my gross salary and minister package or do I show $44,000.00 minus the $8,400 which is $35,600 as my gross salary? They will also be giving me a W-2 and withholding my taxes.

Thank you!

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Figuring a Housing Allowance
by: VIckey

Although a housing allowance is usually designated as a portion of a minister’s compensation, it is not usually figured as a percentage.

Most of the time a church will have their qualifying minister fill out a worksheet to determine his eligible housing expenses and designate an amount from it.

Minister's Housing Allowance
by: Anonymous

What percent of a minister's salary can actually be housing allowance?

Housing Allowance Benefits
by: Vickey

That all depends on your church. Did they approve a housing allowance for you? If so, is it written with the amount designated?

A written board-approved housing allowance would be the best for you tax-wise; however, remember a housing allowance can never be retroactive.

The ebook “Housing Allowance: It’s Been in Existence for Over 50 Years, So Why Do We Know So Little About It?” is free with the purchase of the Church Contribution Package or the Church Accounting Package.

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