Dissolution of a Building Fund

by Dawn
(Aurora, CO)

We are a small church and the elder board has decided to dissolve the building fund. Are there any legal ramifications? What procedures need to be followed in order to do this?

Each contributor to the Fund has been asked if they want their money back upon dissolution, and each has declined. Can we transfer the money to the main checking? Do we need a letter from each contributor and do we need to file a form with the IRS in regards to this? Please help Thank you!


I believe all you need is the donor’s permission to transfer the monies to the general fund; however, I will contact a CPA and make for sure.

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On the Safe Side
by: CPA

I am unaware of any IRS restrictions on designated funds. I think - from the standpoint of accountability - I would get a letter from each donor as they proposed. This would help deal with any confusion that may arise later in the event someone became disgruntled.

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