Designated Missionary Offering

by Faye

Can I accept cash in an envelope with person's name on it for our missionary collection and in return claim it on the person's end of year annual tithing statement? Cash was $100.00. I wasn't clear in reading the IRS guidelines.


Faye Jones

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Missionary Offerings
by: Vickey

Lewis is right!

There is an exception to the nondeductible issue when it pertains to offerings taken up for missionaries. If the church initiates and controls an offering taken up for a specific missionary, the contribution is tax deductible for the donor and should be included in the donor's contribution receipts.

There is a link to an informative post on Designated Gift to a Missionary on this page:

Or click on TOPICS at the top of this website, then go to CONTRIBUTIONS...then CONTRIBUTIONS TO AN INDIVIDUAL

Designated Missionary Offering
by: Lewis in NC

If your church governing board has properly approved a designation for missionary offering, the only way you "can" give credit for a cash in envelope amount is for there to have been a name on the outside of the envelope. So, yes.

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